Modern Physics (FIZ 252E)

  Instructor  Esra Zayim
  Course Book  
    Concept of Modern Physics
    Author: Arthur Beiser
  Suplementary Books   
    Modern Physics
    Author: Kenneth Krane
    Fizik ve Mühendislikte Modern Fizik
    Author: John R. Taylor, Chris Zafaritos
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  Outline of the course  

1.     Relativity

2.     Particle Properties of Waves

3.     Wave Properties of Particles

4.     Atomic Structure

5.     Quantum Mechanics

6.     Quantum Theory of the Hydrogen Atom

7.     Many-Electron Atoms

8.     Molecules

9.     Statistical Mechanics

10.   The Solid State 

  These are the old percentages

percentages for
Fall 2009/2010

Homework                              10%

Quiz (every week)                   10%

Midterm Exam I                       20%

Midterm Exam II                      20%

Final Exam                              40%

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